Welcome to HillSide Shepherds . If you are first time German shepherd puppy buyer or visitor to this site, it is our hope that you will find the information available here helpful, in the decision making process of purchasing your German Shepherd puppy pet.


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We are HillSide Shepherds , a premier German Shepherd breeder and provider of professional dog training services for all breeds based

Over the past decade, HillSide Shepherds has specialized in breeding German Shepherd puppies from prestigious bloodlines and properly matching the puppies with a family based on both the dog’s and family’s needs, personality, and lifestyle.

I-Guard’s specialized private dog training, protection dog training, and board and train services are headed by Nick Lungu, founder of HillSide Shepherds . He focuses on behavior modification techniques and advanced obedience training to ensure each dog and family is safe, comfortable, and happy.

We promote and actively practice responsible breeding and are the founding organization of the Spokane Schutzhund Club.

  • Passionate & Inspiring

We are passionate for our business and know our passion can be passed along through our dogs to their new families and inspire them to live great lives together.

  • Build a Community

We want to create a family, not just a customer list. We work to create customers for life and train dogs that can work in service fields and contribute to the communities they live in.



About Our German Shepherd Breeding

There are numerous German Shepherd Breeders in  and selecting the right addition to your family can be challenging.

We Show quality vs. Pet quality. All the jargon that made your head spin. What does it all mean?

Absolutely nothing, if you happen to be the owner of “That Dog.” The dog that is considered to be the neighborhood terror. Either because the dog is untrained and pulls you down the street. It barks non-stop or for whatever the reason is aggressive towards adults, children or other animals.

The majority of German shepherd puppies sold in Canada, go into pet homes. Families, in communities with neighbors, children, and seniors. You may live in a house, condo or an apartment building. Whatever the case, the early beginnings of your German Shepherd Puppy pet matters along with where you purchased your new family member.

See, breeding German Shepherds is no easy task. As a breeder I have to make sure that the puppies I produce are of sound and clear temperament and I have a responsibility to make sure that those puppies go to their forever home if I decide to sell any of them. Having said that, HillSide Shepherds  German Shepherd Breeder,  breeds the West German Working Show line German shepherd dog. We have found that this line offers a happy medium, with the ability to work and also be a loyal family pet. Our breeding philosophy is that we only acquire the best of the best.

We research and study every breeding, with emphasis on genetics, health, anatomy, conformation, disposition and most of all TEMPERAMENT. If you have no temperament, you have no dog.

Whatever your lifestyle is, it is imperative that you select a German shepherd puppy from a German Shepherd Breeder who makes, health testing, temperament, training and sanitary conditions, the only priority.

The founder of HillSide Shepherds  is that German shepherd breeder. As an ex-Police Officer protecting American communities for ten years prior to becoming a very successful Paralegal, advocating for your rights in the Legal Industry. He has seen first-hand that sometimes the world isn’t a safe or fair place.

He purchased his first male German shepherd as a pet and quickly learned the intelligence, loyalty, and guardian instincts the Breed has. He began taking training classes, completed work in , entered and participated in show exhibition under some of the world best German Shepherd Judges and was hooked.

HillSide Shepherds  is a German shepherd kennel, dedicated to the continuation and improvement of carefully selected German Bloodlines for work, show, family companionship and protection. We promote the total German Shepherd (GSD), both in structure, health and temperament.

Our dogs are tested prior to breeding and have certified healthy hips, excellent health, and outstanding temperament. Our dogs are partnered according to bloodlines, health, structure, and working ability.